Busting the pricing myth

"I can't afford seasoned, competent IT help."

"Discounted rates equals discounted service."

"I can't find someone to build just one report."

One of the myths that small business owners and charitable organizations often listen to is that they cannot afford top quality IT resources.  Instead, they either forgo the service or hire inexperienced resources.  Inevitably, this produces a less than desirable result.

At Quandary, we're busting this myth in a number of ways:

  1. Our pricing is 20-50% less than many of our competitors pricing.
  2. We will engage in short term contracts that others won't touch.
  3. We can provide what you need through maintenance contracts, rather than requiring you to commit to expensive front loaded contracts.
  4. We are willing to design a solution and mentor your resources on the implementation.
  5. We will work within your budget to deliver a cost-sensitive result.

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