The Analytics of . . . Beer?

The craft beer industry is growing and thriving – especially in Colorado.  With that growth comes the challenge of running day-to-day operations while growing and planning for future success.  You have to understand the costs of goods sold, margin, operating expenses, revenue by sales channel and style – as well as a myriad of other metrics.  This often means utilizing different software for each need, resulting in fragmented data and lots of manual time and effort to bring it all together.

Where do I open my next location?  Do I open a tap house or a second brewing location?  What are the demographics in the areas I am interested in?  How much does it cost to brew my IPA versus my Porter?  What should I price my Belgian Strong at if I bottle it in bombers?  What about cans instead?  How much am I losing to spoilage?  What amount of over pour is happening at my taps?  What are the peak sales periods by style?

We can help you answer these questions, and more, by transforming your data into meaningful and actionable information while considering cost, maintenance and scalability.

Quandary Tech Solutions is more than a standard consulting firm.  We partner with you by listening to your goals and understanding your mission so that we can provide you with the most comprehensive and customized solution.   Contact us today to see how we can help your brewery grow!