Quandary Turns One

A little over a year ago, Quandary Tech Solutions was formed in order to bring business intelligence, database and data integration services to organizations of all sizes, including corporations, small to medium businesses, charities and non-profits, and religious organizations.

In the past year we have undertaken some fun and interesting projects, including such things as:

  • Built an operational data store for one of the largest animal rescues in the state in order to allow them to report cohesively across disparate systems
  • Data visualization projects which included the creation of multi-tiered dashboards and end user driven analytics 
  • Custom report development across several industry leading platforms
  • Created a comprehensive market analysis for a mid-sized brewery to help them determine the best location for their next tap house and brewery
  • Helped a non-profit mitigate risk by finding and removing social security numbers stored in their databases
  • On more than one occasion we updated databases and applications that were extremely out of date and posed a severe security risk, which were exposed as part of a technology assessment
  • Provided consulting services across multiple industries, including accounting, manufacturing, non-profit, financial, brewing, energy, and more

We're looking forward to the next year with the addition of a new service:  website development.  

The website development market has boomed over the past decade and with that boom has come a plethora of companies and developers looking to cash in on the demand.  The overall result of which is the rise in technologies such as WordPress (who claims that they power 30% of all websites in the world) and the increase in costs associated with them.  The average WordPress developer now charges $20k for custom website development - and still uses templates to speed development time.  Unfortunately, this has placed custom website development beyond the reach of many small businesses and individual startups.

Hence the rise of Wix, GoDaddy, SquareSpace, and the like.  See our blog entry "Building your own website is as easy as riding a bike" for more background on that particular experience!

And that's where Quandary comes in.  We're making a professional website available to small and medium businesses, charities, non-profits, events, and individuals starting as low as $2k.  These are fully functional websites that can include e-commerce plugins, reservation systems, and much more.

We appreciate you being part of our success and look forward to serving you in the future.