Here's a small sampling of the projects we've worked on over the years.

Operational Data Store and Dashboards

It is not uncommon for organizations to have multiple systems performing similar functions.  We partnered with a large local charity which had encountered this exact issue.  They had duplicate information spread across more than one system and did not want to retire either as each had their own strength - but they still needed cohesive reporting to manage their operations.

Quandary was one of the companies who responded to their request for a proposal, along with larger firms who also specialize in serving charities and non-profits.  We worked with our client to truly understand their needs and the desired outcome of the project, met with key stakeholders to get a good understanding of all operational needs and facilitated agreement of scope among the department heads.

As a result, Quandary was able to provide a succinct and tailored estimate which specifically met the client's need.  We didn't go down the traditional consulting path of telling the client what they need, but instead figured out a smart solution based on what we learned from them.  We didn't try to sell them additional software and hardware from our affiliates, we worked with what they had on site.

The result?  Our bid was $192,660 less than the nearest competitor on hours alone.  We also did not have a back-end loaded estimate that required at least $20,000 in new software licensing, $5000 in new hardware, and $10,000 in training.  As we use local resources, we also did not add on an additional $6000 for travel expenses.  The total cost savings to our client was at least $233,660.

How can we do this?  See our blog entry on Busting the Pricing Myth for more information.

In just 17 weeks we were able to extract data from multiple systems - including local and hosted sources, cleanse key fields and set up a interface that allows internal resources to add further cleansing rules, and develop multiple dashboards and reports to meet our client's need.  The end result of the project was not only access to the information that they needed in easy to use dashboards, but we were also able to eliminate dozens of reports that were no longer needed now that the data was visualized.   

The project was completed on time and within budget.

Report Conversion

One of our clients contacted us to see if we could assist in converting their reports from one technology to another.  With over 100 reports in their inventory and a single resource in house, it was obvious to them that their conversion effort would carry them well into the next year and leave their users bouncing between two reporting systems.

Quandary was able to bring in additional resources and convert a subset of mission critical reports identified by the client in a matter of three weeks.  Along the way we were also able to enhance the reports to reduce the overall number and identify previously undiscovered errors in logic which provided false information in the past.

International Operations Data Store

A large manufacturing company had successfully grown over the years and acquired multiple companies throughout North and South America.  They faced a challenge that was common in these types of situations - they were unable to perform consolidated reporting in an automated manner across their ERP systems, instead relying upon manual and disparate processes to compile data.

One of our senior resources was able to consolidate data from eight instances of JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, MK ERP, Epicor and Visual Manufacturing into a US based operational data store.  This data was then used by the Finance, Sales and Operations teams for daily reporting as well as for executive level reporting and analysis.

The project was so successful that the operational data store became the source for a feed to the global data warehouse located in the UK.

Upgrade SAP

When a large animal welfare organization realized that their SAP Crystal Reports server was out of date we partnered with them on a project to not only bring it up to date, but also to evaluate their BI environment, consolidate reports, integrate security with their Windows Active Directory and identify hardware that could be repurposed.  

We continue to partner with them in order to ensure that the environment stays up to date.