At Quandary Tech Solutions we are not only passionate about technology, we are also passionate about your success.

Our goal is to help our partners succeed by transforming their data into meaningful and actionable information.  We do this through business intelligence, database and data integration consulting services.

Services and Offerings

BI Solutions

Whether you need a full BI architecture implementation or as little as one report built, we can put our experience to work for you.  Our consultants work with you to unlock your data and move you from simple reporting to true business intelligence.  We are experienced in a wide range of solutions including reporting, dashboards, scorecards, advanced visualizations, data cubes, and much more.


Database Development

From data warehouses, to operational data stores, advanced programmability or even just creating a couple tables or views - we can create a foundation for your entire BI architecture or simply enhance existing structures.


Data Architecture

Serving as the foundation for your database, data architecture is as much an art as it is a IT science.  We work with you to create an architecture that will meet your needs today and is scalable for the future. 


Data movement and transformation

Data movement and transformation, also known as data integration or ETL allows us to combine data from disparate sources into a repository of meaningful data that can be consumed across your organization.


Data Profiling and Analysis

Poor data quality impacts your ability to direct and steer your organization, costing you time and money.  Through data profiling and analysis we can identify these data anomalies, correct them and monitor for future data quality issues.

Technology Assessments

Are you faced with a plethora of reporting tools and databases in your organization and are unsure of how to consolidate them?  Do you want to reduce the complexity and costs associated with your reports, dashboards and databases?  Is your environment up-to-date and safe from unauthorized intrusion?  Our assessments identify all the tools being used in your organization and provide you with a plan on how to reduce costs, simplify the environment, and maximize the dollars you have already invested. 


Support and Administration

Do you struggle to find and keep resources in your organization who are qualified to support, administer and maintain your BI environments?  Does it seem cost prohibitive to hire in a full time resource specialized in these skills?  We can help with our support and administration contracts, which keep your environments running at their best - in as little as 10 hours a month. 


Installations and Upgrades of BI and Database software 

If you have a BI environment in place or if you are just looking to install a new instance and are not sure how to proceed, we can help.  Worried that your current environment is out of date and full of security holes? Check for sure at:  We can get it up-to-date and safe quickly and in a cost effective manner.


Project Management

Not sure how to manage your resources to insure a successfully BI or data asset project?  We can help, providing everything from templates to fast track projects to dedicated PMP certified project managers on a full or part time basis.


Website Development

Do you recognize that, in today's e-commerce driven world, you have to have a website - but you have no idea where to begin?  Do you have an existing website, but it doesn't have the look or functionality you need?  Have you tried the online builders, but are less than impressed with the results - or maybe it doesn't  work at all?  We specialize in helping small and medium businesses and organizations with their website needs.


We provide mentor-style training for IT resources and customized end user training to help your organization take full advantage of your BI and data assets.